The Gorman Edge
in forest management.


Wood is a beautiful, natural, renewable resource that we never take for granted. We work with many different First Nation communities and make sure that from harvesting to planting, we are fully committed to sustainable forest management.  Using various site sensitive harvesting methods, we can reduce our negative impact in the forest.  For example, instead of ‘falling’ trees that may damage other ones around them, the Log Harvester holds the tree while it is cut and carefully lays it down.  Because these machines evenly spread their weight, they have less impact than that of the human foot!

Each year, Gorman Bros. Lumber plants 800 thousand to 1.4 million trees.  Experienced foresters decide what percentage of conifer trees will grow best based on the original stand type, elevation and their experience.  Gorman Bros. consistently exceeds the minimum replanting requirements given by the government.  At the 15-20 year mark after harvesting, the minimum requirement is 700 trees planted per hectare.  Our target, however is to have approximately 1200 well spaced, free growing trees planted per hectare that are free from brush, insect and disease.