The Gorman Edge
in quality.

The Finest Boards

When you are choosing boards for your projects, we want you to be able to make the best choice for you. All of our lumber is carefully graded so you know you are getting the right board for your project – but remember:

  • All of our products are graded above the NLGA or WWPA industry standards
  • All of our products also have that furniture finish – the Gorman edge that is smooth and splinter resistant
  • All of our products are heat treated and kiln dried to ensure a stable board – not prone to bowing or cracking

Along with our different grades of 1- inch boards, we offer a variety of patterned products.  These patterns are created with the same care as our different grades of lumber.  Remodel with our tongue and groove and end match patterns to give your home that warm, welcoming look.