The Gorman Edge
in safety.

For Everyone

We believe the company’s overall success is dependent on the well being of one another:

  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Because safety is our primary focus, it is our belief that all injuries are preventable. Our managers, supervisors and workers all function as a unit in the identification and elimination of workplace hazards.
  • Safety is an everyday focus. Our safety objective is to commit ourselves to the prevention of accidents by eliminating hazards on a daily basis.  Using a proactive approach to safety will allow us to continue to send workers home healthy and safe at the end of the day.
  • Safety is for everyone’s benefit. We believe that most important thing we can do for our workers is to preserve their health and safety.  We believe this includes not just physical safety but mental safety, emotional safety, and freedom from discrimination as well. Having a safety first approach assists us in developing a strong overall safety culture.
  • Safety is ever our priority. We will continually revisit, assess, train and measure our safety program to ensure our immediate and long term success.